Microcellular Rubber Sheets

This product is based on styrene-butadien Rubber and natural Rubber


 All kinds of shoes, shoe-soles, slippers,Insulators thermic and phonic.


Hardness (shore A):40 – 60
Density gr/cm3: 0.40 – 0.60
Dimensions  & Colourson demands


We manufacture EVA and polyethylene chemically crosslinked foam sheets results in extremly fine closed cells and smooth surface. These sheets are available in different thicknesses , hardness, densities and colours.

Crosslinked EVA sheets/
polyethylene foam has the following charasteristics:

  • Low Compression setHighly resilient.5
  • Smooth surface
  • Available in different thickness, density, hardness and colours.
  • Inert to most of the toxic chemicals and oils
  • Excellent thermal insulation.
  • Available in laminated, embossed, thermoformed and slitted forms


EVA crosslinked foam sheets are being used for the following:

  • Construction:Expansion Joints, Sound absorber, Heat insulation, Pipe protector.
  • Pakaging:Display packaging, corner blocks, Wrappings.Toys: Puzzles and Toys.
  • Others:Sun-cap, Foam tapes, Toilets seat covers, Mouse Pads, Door mats …etc
  • Shoes:Mid-sole, insole and other components.
  • Slippers & Sandals:Sole, footbeds strap.
  • Sports & leisure:Camping Mats, Gymnastic Mats, Exercise Mats, Pool Covers, Swimmer Kickboards, Body Protectors, Helmet Liners, Life vests, Bicycle handle Grips, Gymnasium Equipment seats …etc.
  • Automotive:Interior ceiling, Sun-Visor, Slide Trim, Door Trim, Gaskets and seat.

EVA Compound


 EVA Compounds are especially developed for injection Molding cross-linked EVA foams. They are suitable for injection Molding of high quality sandals, Mid. sale

Application Field

Injection molding of: Slippers – Sandals – mid-soles.

Dakkak B. CO 200-1:

Product Information

Dakkak is a fully E.V.A compounds especially developed for Injection Molding CROSS-LINKED FOAM. The compounds are suitable for precise Molding of high Quality Slippers, Sandals, and Helmets.

Density200-220Kg/m3ASTM D-3575
Hardness55-60ShoreASKER C
Tensile Strength at break22-25Kg/cm2ASTM D-638
Elongation at break200-230%ASTM D-638
Comression set 50 c/ 6h45-50%ASTM D-395
Abrasion Resistance
Linear Growth1.60%
Main FeaturesGlossy

Typical Injection Molding Conditions
Barrel Temperature90-110 c
Mold Temperature160-185 c
Cycle Time6-9 min

Dakkak B. CO 200-2:

Product Information:

Dakkak 200-2 is a fully E.V.A compound especially developed for Injection MoldingCROSS-LINKED FOAM. the compound is suitable for precise molding of high Quality mid-soles, insole.

Density200-220Kg/m3ASTM D-3575
Hardness60ShoreASKER C
Tensile Strength at break22-26Kg/cm2ASTM D-638
Elongation at break200-230%ASTM D-638
Comression set 50 c/ 6h60%ASTM D-395
Abrasion Resistance
Linear Growth1.56%
Main FeaturesGlossy
Typical Injection Molding Conditions
Barrel Temperature90-110 c
Mold Temperature160-185 c
Cycle Time6-9 min

Dakkak B. CO 350:

Product Information:

Dakkak 350 is fully E.V.A compound developed especially for Sole

Density220Kg/m3ASTM D-3575
Hardness70ShoreASKER C
Tensile Strength at break25-30Kg/cmASTM D-638
Elongation at break250-300%ASTM D-638
Comression set 50 c/ 6h50%ASTM D-395
Abrasion Resistance110-130mm3DIN 53516/5N
Linear Growth1.4%
Main FeaturesGlossy

Dakkak Sandle made of EVA has these characteristics

  • Wholesome, comfortable for feet, suitable for picnic walking 
    and can be worn and taken off easily.
  • Mrine, suitable for seashore walking and swimming.
  • Durable with lightweight, floating on the water surface.
  • non-slide on wet slabs, friction resistant.
  • Bright colours and woderful, fine looking appearance

The sandles are availble with various sizes and different colours
according to the customers requirements.

Rubber Compounds

Dakkak Company have the Facilities to offer extensive production to include Injection, Compression transfer molding metal to rubber bonding compounds.