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About Us

Dakkak Brothers Company. is a privately held company based in Aleppo-Syria. This pioneering company was established in 1976. 

The company’s main business activities are the manufacturing of:

  • Micro Cellular Rubber Sheets
  • Micro Cellular EVA sheets
  • EVA Compounds for Injection Moulding
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers Granules
  • Rubber Compounds for injection and extrusion

From the start the company adopted advanced techniques in research and development of its products and expanded its capabilities through the implementation of new technologies. 

Our aim is to expand our export markets by offering high quality products, and competitive prices, we depend on our well-trained labours , technicians, and advanced machines . We depend also on production lineswith high capacities , vigorous quality measures and continuous R&D . our main objective is to serve the customers in order to meet all their demands.